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Kenya Scout Association is established by an Act of parliament Cap 219 of the law of Kenya. It is the largest Youth Organization in Kenya catering for young people between the ages 6-26 years with a membership of over 400,000 scouts and 25,000 adults’ tenders in 2013.

Kenya Scouts Association is an Educational, Voluntary and Non-Political Movement for young people open to all without distinction of origin, creed, tribe, and gender. It is an education for peace.

Our vision is to create a better world through scouting activities while our mission is to educate young people to play a constructive role in society.

The Scouting Movement was started in England. In Kenya, the Scout Movement began in 1910 and the first troop was formed at St. John’s Church (C. M. S) Pumwani on November 24.

Queen Peace Girls Scouting Movement has stood the test of time.

It is therefore worth venture:

  • Instilling positive values such as a belief in God and good citizenship
  • Personal hygiene and general health
  • Environmental protection
  • Avoidance of risky behavior i.e. smoking, drug abuse.
  • Promotion of self-development.
  • Positive social attitudes i.e. thinking about others.
  • Physical fitness and endurance.

Our comment

The management and strategic planning committee, jointing with all stake holders do commit that in the next five years, it hopes o deliver:

  • A KSA that values, attracts, retains staff that is highly dedicated, expert and self driven.
  • A KSA whose youth program responds to the needs and aspirations of the youth.
  • A KSA that is self-sustaining through optimized resources mobilization strategies.
  • A  KSA that emphasizes quality and ethical practices in all its operations.
  • A KSA with functional and training centers within the Turkana County and enhance move camping activities within the region.


Propelling KSA toward a World Class Organization

Prepared by Mr. JERRY NALIANYA


NB: At Queen of peace girls we have 51 members who are dedicated to serve the society. We do have to categories namely:

  • Sungura
  • Chipukizi

The Sungura’s are in number. Most of these members are recruited right from standard one to three.

The Chipukizi’s are 36 in numbers majority of them from standard four to eight.