Our Facilities

School Buses

Queenofpeace busesThis was the first Bus that was bought in 2014. It has a capacity of 51 passengers.

Registration Number KBY 270H. It is still in good condition.



The second bus Registration number KAN 628E was bought in 2016. It has a capacity of 31 queenofpeacebusespassengers.

This was due to the rising number of pupils in school who were using school transport.


queenofpeace busIn 2018 the number of pupils could not be managed by two buses so we had to purchase a third bus to cater for the rising number of day scholars, in march 2018 we managed to purchase a 33 seater  bus registration number KCG 988S


Each bus goes to a different route every day, two trips in the morning and

queenofpeace school buses

school buses

evening, that means we still need another bus. The buses are in good condition. Every bus is driven by qualified and experienced drivers who are also assisted by conductors.