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Our strength

  • We have always found our strength in God and in what we do. We meet regularly to assess our progress and discuss issues affecting us and this has helped improve performance .As we all know that a family that prays together stays together, this has been our guiding principle. For our spiritual nourishment, there is Mass for pupils and staff every Friday. The pupils also pray every morning and evening, Rosary is prayed daily .We also have Catechism classes in the school and most of our pupils have been baptized and therefore receive Holy Communion. The school also organizes recollection and other spiritual exercises for both teaching and support staff every term.
  • We have guidance and counseling not only for pupils but staff as well.
  • The administration and staff ensure that there is discipline in the school since this enables pupils to perform well in academics.
  • Apart from spiritual and academics, the pupils also participate actively in Co. Curricular activities.